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Five years on from the implementation of the NHS accessible information standard and blind and partially sighted people are still being let down and missing out on vital health information. By signing our petition you can add your voice to our calls to demand better.

NHS England and the Department for Health and Social Care have already promised to review the NHS accessible information standard during 2022. As part of this review, we strongly urge them to deliver five key improvements:

  1. We want to see every NHS Trust, GP practice and health body required to have a local accessible information policy with clear monitoring measures.
  2. We want all NHS staff to receive core training in accessible information and how to communicate with patients and service users appropriately.
  3. We want all NHS bodies to be required to consult with blind and partially sighted service users on local implementation of accessible information and to seek regular feedback on the effectiveness of their systems.
  4. We want NHS England to monitor the implementation of the accessible information standard and produce an annual report on engagement with it.
  5. We want the Care Quality Commission to take on a specific responsibility for inspecting AIS compliance as part of their standard review programme.

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